Limited Products

Go-Shu Plum Wine (Ume-Shu)

300ml / 720ml Alc/Vol 8%

clip_image002Expertly brewed with all natural ingredients including Go-Shu Australian sake and Japanese plum “ume” grown in Australia.

Unlike other plum wines produced in Japan which use distilled white liquor or Shochu spirit, the Go-Shu Plum Wine is made of premium undiluted Go-Shu Australian sake and a selection of the finest Japanese plums (such as premium Nanko Ume) which has carefully been developed and grown in Australia for the Australian market.

Go-Shu Plum Wine exhibit the sweet and lingering intensity flavour profile of undiluted sake as well as rich and juicy flavour characteristics of Japanese plum with nutty and smooth finish. Ume plum which contains medical and health promoting properties (potassium and calcium) is said to be good for health.

The healthy fruit wine is ideal on its own or as a pre-dinner drink enhancing the appetite and it goes well with a Japanese-style meal. Best served on ice or at room temperature, straight or mix with soda.

Nama Genshu (Undiluted fresh sake)

360ml/740ml Alc/Vol 18%

Nama GenshuUndiluted fresh sake (Nama Genshu in Japanese) is a clean and fruity beverage which interacts well with an elegant and light acidity. Being natural fermentation products, every batch of sake has subtle but often distinctively unique flavour characteristics and crisp finish.

This special sake is expertly brewerd, without pasteurization or aging, hand-bottled and each batch produces only a very limited quantity which is highly sought after by top Japanese restaurants in Sydney. Due to its freshness and limited shelf-life, it is not possible to import such premium and fresh sake.

Go-Shu Nigori

360ml Alc/Vol 13%

nigori_s2Often called cloudy sake, this special creation is expertly brewed, hand-filled and pasteurized in bottles to retain its truly unique flavour and taste profile.With very light carbonation and a good dollop of the unfermented rice solids remaining in the murky brew, Go-Shu Nigori is lively, rich and creamy form of sake.

The bubbly and pleasantly chunky brew has its own special appeal, and with its unique sweetness and crisp finish, Go-Shu Nigori is ideal as a pre-dinner drink. It is also a perfect match for Teppanyaki and many spicy Asian, fusion and Chinese dishes. Best enjoyed chilled.

Hizo Shu

360ml Alc/Vol 16%

HIZO SHUCelebrating the 20th anniversary, Australia’s first and only sake brewery has released a limited edition Hizoshu, a prized Kijoshu-style aged sake. During fermentation our brewers added sake to the mix instead of water to make an ultra-premium sake with a perfectly balanced, pleasant honey and caramel characters and sweetness by using a special Kijoshu brewing process. This superb sweet sake (Dubbed “Go-Shu 19”) is also distinguished by its use of Tobin Kakoi, which means the specially-brewed sake was expertly matured and aged in traditional tobin 18 litre glass flasks. They are then stored in absolute ideal cool storage conditions for more than nineteen years. With its characteristic pale gold to deep amber colour, Hizoshu tastes best when slightly chilled/warmed. It can also be served as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink, pour it on plain ice cream or cake to create a new taste sensation.

Shio Koji

Salted rice malt / All Natural and Umami-Rich Seasoning
Made from koji (rice malt: part of the Japanese sake brewing process), natural salt and water, this traditional Japanese seasoning is popularly used instead of salt for a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes to deepen the taste with its abundant umami characteristics. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 part of shio koji + 10 parts of other key ingredients. Ingredients: Australian medium-grain rice, natural salt, Koji (pure culture of rice malt used for sake brewing (Aspergillus Oryzae)), and water.

NUKA Skincare products

The Japanese sake brewers who spend much of their time handling rice have long been renowned for their soft hands. In recent years, the extraordinary skin benefits of the sake and rice grain have become recognized as such, many sake brewers in Japan have now added the manufacturing of skin care products and cosmetics to their business ventures to take full advantage of it.
Knowing in Japan as Nuka, white rice bran has truly great value in skincare. Nuka which are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils, are said to have a wide variety of skin benefits.

100% natural material, Nuka is produced as a by-product of milling of top quality Australian rice in the production of Go-Shu Australian Sake.

NUKA soap

SOAP1NUKA soap gently exfoliate, absorb dirt and oil from pores, balance and moisture the skin and prevent wrincles. Use this naturally refleshing scrub soap to your body or face, then followed by moisturising NUKA skin cream for a ultimate skin smoothing experience.

Contains: Palm oil, Palm kernel oil, Nuka (white rice bran), Go-Shu undiluted sake, Orange essential oil, Vegetable grycerin, Sea salt

NUKA Skin Cream


SKINCREAMNUKA skin cream is an all-over body cream which freshens your skin and assists in relieving and preventing dullness, dryness, itching, flaking, cracking, roughness, loss of moisture and suppleness in the skin. It can nourish and help protect the skin from loss of moisture. Being incorporated into NUKA Skin Cream, glycerine, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, lemon myrtle essential oil and vitamin E can also be beneficial in the overall skin protection and the maintenance of healthy soft skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains: Purified water, Go-Shu undiluted sake, Plant origin stearic acid, Glycerol mono stearate, Plant origin glycerine, Australian macadamia oil, Australian jojoba oil, Nuka (white rice bran), Triethanolamine, Lemon essential oil, Lemon myrtle essential oil, Cetyl stearyl alcohol, Carbomer, Titanium dioxide, Vitamin E (tocopherol).